Provincial Grand Chapter of Perthshire Calender.


Provincial Grand Chapter Visitation and Installation Dates  
Installations subject to change by dispensation
Royal Arch Chapters   Visitation Installation 
Breadalbane 181 8th Nov 2017 11th Oct 2017
Gleneagles  475 9th Feb 2017 6th Oct 2017
Strathearn  34 14th Dec 2017 12th Oct 2017
Scoon and Perth  460 16th Jan 2017 16th Oct 2017
Blairgowrie  178 13th Dec  2017 25th Oct 2017
St Johnstoun  134 30th Jan 2018 14th Oct 2017
Callander  277 20th Mar 2018 17th Oct 2017
Cryptic Councils
Scoon & Perth  460 26th Mar 2018 23rd Oct 2017
Strathearn 34 27th Mar 2018 24th Oct 2017
Lodge and Councils
St. Johnstoun 134 26th Feb 2018 27th Nov 2017
Strathearn  34 27th Feb 2018 28th Nov 2017


The A.G.M. of the Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Perthshire will be held on Wednesday 28th November 2015 at 7:30pm in the premises of Lodge St John No. 137, Blairgowrie.
Provincial Grand Committee
The Provincial Grand Committee will comprise of the following Companions:-

Grand Superintendent, Dep. Grand Superintendent, P.G. 2nd & 3rd Principals,

P. G, Scribe E., P. G. Scribe N., P.G. Treasurer  and all Past Grand Superintendents



Provincial Crest

.Provincial Drest

Latest News

The Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Perthshire look forward to welcoming the Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Stirling and Clackmannan  to Perth on Friday 1st May where M.E. Grand Superintendent Allan A. Barr and his team will be working the Royal Arch Degree. .